Hi, I'm Donny. Chef Donny. I am a junior at UW-Madison and cooking is my passion, plain and simple. As a young kid, I can remember visiting my Uncle at his restaurant in New York City. I was instantly captivated by the hustle of the busy kitchen. The cooks worked swiftly as they floated past hot fryers and open flames. Knives moved at lightning speeds, pans flew through the air, I heard my first F bomb, the kitchen pulsed with electricity. It was like watching a chaotic symphony as the chef conducted his mad orchestra of culinary musicians. I was mesmerized. From that moment on my passion for cooking took off. I have worked in kitchens on and off since freshman year of high school. I am continuing to pursue my passion, and want to share it with those around me. 

When I arrived at college, I realized something big was missing. Home cooking. Even if your mother wasn't the best cook we can all agree that a freshly prepared meal sure beats easy mac, ramen noodles or whatever poison the dining hall is putting out for dinner. More importantly, I began to miss the ability that cooking has to bring people together. In this day in age we are busier than ever; sometimes we don't even take the time to sit down and eat. All too often we forget to put away our phones and engage in conversation face to face. My goal is to give you the opportunity to spend quality time with friends, eat, laugh and relax all without the hassle of having to cook a single thing. It is time to start looking forward to dinner. It is time to call The College Cook.